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DIY Sandcastle Ideas to Take Summer from Good to Great

Summer is finally here! I just can’t wait to go to the beach and have tons of fun in the sun. One thing that I and my family love the most, aside from swimming of course, is building sandcastles. We even do a little contest and ask other beach-goers to judge which one they like best. A little competition is always healthy for the family so I’m always looking for ways to kick things up a notch. If you’re also looking for creative ways to build your sandcastle, then these DIY ideas will help.

1. How To Build A Sandcastle

Have your family ever had a discouraging sandcastle fiasco? Take your family’s sand castle creations to the next level with this easy to follow tutorial. With the proper tools and teamwork, you’ll have a great sandcastle in no time.

2. How To Make A Hardened Sand Castle Out Of Baking Soda

Building sandcastles is a fun family activity whether at the beach or indoors, so it’s sad that these amazing creations aren’t meant to last forever. Want to know how to preserve your wonderful creation? Here’s how you can harden your DIY sand castle with baking soda.

3. Sand Dough

There will be times when you won’t have time to go to the beach but the kids still want to make sand castles. This DIY sand dough is the perfect solution to enjoy this amazing beach activity at home.

4. Travel-Friendly Mini Sand Castle Kit

Want to make adorable sand castles even on the go? This travel-friendly mini sand castle kitwill be perfect for kids and makes an amazing beach birthday party, wedding favors, or even a bon voyage gift.

5. Sand Castle Puffy Paintings

If you’re stuck indoors and sandcastle supplies are not readily available, what do you do when the inspiration to build a sandcastle strikes? Well, you can still make a sand castle by painting! This will be a fun activity kids will enjoy doing for hours!

6. How To Dye Sand

Why settle for plain sand when you can have it vibrantly colored? Learn how to dye sand and make your sand castles more fun and summery!

7. Homemade Aqua Sand

Normally you build your sand castle on a dry land. This time, learn how to build it in water with this easy-to-follow DIY tutorial. If you love to give your kids new play materials, this homemade aqua sand is just perfect!

8. Geometric Sand Castle

This is not your usual sand castle, it’s uniquely beautiful. If you head to the beach this summer I hope this cool creation sparks some inspiration to play in the sand and come up with your own unique design.

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